Areas of Practice

Terenzini Law offers a range of family law services.

Divorce: Whether a divorce case is contested or not, Terenzini Law provides advice and advocacy for various divorce-related matters including marital settlement agreements, equitable division of marital property, allocation of marital debt, preservation of non-marital property, and alimony. The firm also can advise and advocate regarding business valuations, assessment of stock options and restricted stock units, disposition of retirement assets and sale or transfer of real estate. For custody, access and visitation of minor children, see below.

Custody, Access, Visitation: Terenzini Law assists parents in resolving custody, access, visitation, parenting time and other child-related matters in the best interest of a child or children. Other child-related matters may include issues surrounding parental relocation, modification of existing agreements or court orders, representation of grandparents or other third parties, and interstate or international custody disputes.

Child Support: Ms. Terenzini is experienced in both settlement and litigation of child support disputes, following the Maryland Child Support Guidelines or other appropriate calculation. Child support services include securing an initial determination of support, enforcing or modifying existing support obligations, or terminating support.

Agreements: Terenzini Law assists clients in negotiation, drafting and review of pre- or postnuptial agreements, as well as agreements related to cohabitation, domestic partnership, separation or marital settlement.

Paternity: Ms. Terenzini assists clients in proving paternity when it is necessary to establish a parent/child relationship, pursue custody or parenting time, ensure that a child receives support, or to preserve inheritance rights.

Guardianship (Adult): A guardianship can be established in court to authorize another person to make health care or financial decisions for an adult who is incapable of making such decisions for him- or herself. Lesser restrictive alternatives may also be appropriate. 

Retirement Benefit Court Orders: Terenzini Law can help clients understand their rights and options regarding retirement benefits, whether related to division of such assets or to enforcement of an alimony or child support obligation, or to defend against such claims. The firm can help with retirement benefits orders related to private sector plans qualified under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) and to certain governmental plans including federal FERS, CSRS, state, county and municipal governments’ retirement plans.

Estates and Trusts: Terenzini Law assists clients with the administration of estates and trusts. Whether advising a personal representative or advocating for a beneficiary, Terenzini Law provides guidence through the administrative or judicial estate administration process. Ms. Terenzini is also an expereinced trustee.