Dispute Resolution Services




Litigation makes use of the court system to resolve a family dispute. Ms. Terenzini has experience in trial level courts in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, Carroll, Anne Arundel, Prince George’s, Charles and Baltimore counties, as well as in the City of Baltimore. Ms. Terenzini is also an experienced appellate practitioner. 




Mediation involves a neutral person who has been trained to facilitate communication between parties with the goal of settling a dispute. Ms. Terenzini is an experienced mediator and has had advanced training in family law matters including property distribution and child custody. In addition to serving as a mediator, Ms. Terenzini represents clients entering a mediated process.  Clients receive information about the process, guidance about reasonable expectations for mediated outcomes, and protection of their interests during mediation.

Limited Scope Representation



Limited Scope Representation can be a cost-effective way to resolve family disputes. This process allows a client to maintain responsibility for the legal matter while receiving assistance from an attorney. Assistance might include legal research, drafting agreements and motions, discovery or discovery responses, as well as an appearance by the attorney at a single court proceeding, deposition, mediation, settlement conference or hearing.

Collaborative Law


Collaborative Law is a contractual method for resolving family disputes without litigation. Governed by formal rules of conduct and a written agreement for transparency, attorneys coach their clients as they work toward a mutually acceptable resolution through negotiation, problem solving and discussion.



Appeals may be undertaken if a court has erred in interpreting the law or in applying the law to the facts of a case. Ms. Terenzini has experience with appeals in a variety of venues and has prepared briefs for and participated in oral argument before the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland. She has also responded to petitions for certiorari in the Court of Appeals of Maryland. Ms. Terenzini provides strong written as well as oral argument in appellate matters.